API Reference


class Cat

Represents a cute ninja cat.

An extremely fluffy feline. The representation is up to %72 accurate with human-cat interactions. It is only %2 accurate with real cat behaviour.

Public Functions

void increase_cuteness(int addedCuteness)

Increases the cuteness level of the cat.

Be careful not to exceed configMAX_CUTENESS. Otherwise, the Universe might explode. It would likely be worth it. Don’t.


addedCuteness – The cuteness to be added to the current cuteness.

int pet()

The cat is petted by someone. EXP is earned in return.

The EXP obtained is set to a fixed value.


EXP earned.

void set_name(const std::string &name)

The cat’s name is set to a new name.

This function should only be called once for each cat during execution. However, some exceptions to this guideline apply.


newName – The name of the cat.